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Friday, April 11, 2014

VEX IQ Parts in LDraw Editors!

    Creating CAD models preserves your creations and is the first step towards producing Building Instructions that can be shared. Philo...the Master of LDraw parts..has created VEX IQ part elements for use in programs using LDraw parts. He continues to add more parts as he completes them and releases the packages at his website. Philo has also included installation notes for MLCad and SR3D Builder with additional tips to find the parts and organize them for easier use helping you build faster. If you have installed MLCad, the LDraw Parts Library, and LDView skip to the info below. If you have not installed these programs please use this CAD Quick Install Guide - VEX IQ and join in the fun!

Below, I have another great tip to make life easier while building VEX IQ creations in MLCad.

Change the MLCad Step Grid Settings for VEX IQ Parts!

    Moving parts around in MLCad is easy using the Step Grid toolbar buttons. The Course, Medium, and Fine buttons control how far the selected part(s) moves in the edit panes. The default grid settings for the X, Y, Z values are set for LEGO elements. Changing the X and Z Step Unit values to Course = 16 and Medium = 8 (as shown in the image below) will allow the VEX IQ element’s connection points to maintain proper alignment during grid movements and speed up virtual building.

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