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Monday, December 31, 2012

LEGO Life of George - Drinking Game for Responsible Adults

Bringing Adults out of their Dark Ages to Rediscover LEGO with a Drink!

This is a work in progress. Ideas and whatever are welcome. I plan to give it the formal treatment. But, I wanted to introduce this idea for the parties tonight. I searched the internet for a game like this but it appears I am the first. I have a list of custom models for this game and will post some later.

*This version of the official game is not officially endorsed by The LEGO Group.*

Life of George & Build Your Brain


"Drink" Defined:
sip = a little swig or taste
swallow = full normal swallow
gulp = bigger than normal swallow
chug = A few big gulps
slam = pound down a full drink or half a drink
 (you decide limits)


1. LEGO Life of George Box Game, iOS or Android enabled gear installed with appropriate app(s).
2. Players should watch the official LOG demo video when fairly sober.
3. More than one player, because drinking alone can be viewed as alcoholism, but if no one else is around it will not matter much.
4. Favorite Alcoholic beverages. Usually, something that can be consumed wildly. Low octane preferred if players wish to play multiple games.
5. Towels and Reversal Container nearby. Required in case some liquids get on your scanner or a player reverses consumed beverages.

Development List of GAME RULES:

(These rules are for the Life of George App. The Build Your Brain app is a bit different but accommodates up to 4 players.)

-All players drink 3 swallows at the beginning of each game.
-Each non-active player drinks 1 swallow when a timer starts and once more when timer stops.
-Active-player drinks 1 gulp before start of own turn and once more at every 30 second interval during turn until scan or time runs out.
-Non-active players must take sips with player during each turn while timer is ticking during winner builds.
-Active-player must quickly sip drink upon requiring each rescan.
-Non-Active players take swallows per number of score stars achieved concluding a turn.
-All players drink a chug upon each 5-star score achieved during any turn. The active player picks a player to drink double.
-Player with the highest score at the end of each round chooses a drinker for a chug.
-Every player slams own remaining drink in honor of game winning player.
-Any player to finish a container of drink picks a player to drink 2 gulps and get the player a fresh drink.


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