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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal Inspection Report

The Parrot Business website offers a fantastic option for Inspectors that might like to reduce the risks involved with performing their services and easily gain access to difficult to reach locations to obtain information quickly. The 'Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal' is the technology that can remove the risks to human inspectors. Since June 2018 I have run this thermal camera enabled drone through some challenges. It is a very substantial development in technology combining aerial photography with thermography to achieve a new height in remote information gathering. The possibilities are very diverse and extremely useful to a great number of professional modalities. I have used Parrot Bebops for years but this one is unique. The FLIR Thermal Camera it carries increases this drone's usefulness with see what could not be see through what could not be seen through. Find cool spots from hidden waterpipe leaks, a structure's insulation deficiencies, HVAC losses in walls or above roofing material, roofing leaks, heat buidup from electrical problem or fires, detect solar panel damages, and see in the dark! There are many uses and those are only few. The best part of this system is that it can save the life and limb of human inspectors performming risky inspections.

Read the Usage-Case below and all shall be revealed.

Parrot created this Case Usage Report from my Inspection Services experience with the Bebop-Pro Thermal. There is a downloadable document at the bottom of Parrot's blog entry. Check It Out!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Parrot Skycontroller 2 Cable Modification

This is a tiny modification that can save connection problems resulting from SC2 USB connector fatigue and damage. It's not much of a modification..but it can help prevent stress to the SC2's USB port from repeat cable insertions.

The idea is to leave this cable installed permanently. It involves using a stabilizer to further position the cable preventing stress to the USB port. For this task..I chose an age-old DIY material..a humble LEGO element (#15712..available here) to hold and stabilize the cable. Hot-glued to the device mount bracket, it works perfectly. The awesome thing about LEGO elements is that they are plentiful and come in many shapes. Several different clips could be used here..this isn't the only clip they produce. The clip size is universal in LEGO choices..and the fit is perfect for cables.

The cable is a Nylon Braided Right-Angle USB-C stiff 10-Inch beauty, available on Amazon. has a specific USB-C type connector for newer phones & tablets. This seller offers them in 2-packs for a great price. It's almost like it was made for the SC2. Get it HERE!

I feel this is at least one good way to keep the Skycontroller 2's USB port healthy. Try it!

FPV Version Coming Soon!

**HOT GLUE GUN EXPERIENCE REQUIRED**... so, take a class at a craft store or ask an old lady before you screw up and burn yourself.

Tap on the images to enlarge.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Parrot Skycontroller 2 Battery Modifications

The Skycontroller 2 is a nice quality controller. It is a wonderful piece of tech with a lot to offer operators. It's form factor is familiar and it's functionality is very robust. It's a very portable package post Skycontroller 1 with the same feel but without the larger frame and weight. It is a nice turn. With all of it's perks it does have a drawback in that it contains the balance charger to support its rechargable battery. Many problems with this aspect have been experienced by users over that last couple of years. Some users have reported that batteries are not fully-charging, SC2's are shutting down early and during flights, and others have batteries failing to charge after a realitvely short time. Since the charger is self-contained and the battery has a non-typical circuit the system can run into difficulties keeping the battery healthy. If anything, LiPo batteries are quite touchy and they can behave in ways that create problems for automated charging systems. Include the safety aspects that have high thresholds triggering charge or charge refusal and the system can produce several situations where the battery does not have enough charge to support the Skycontroller 2 as expected by users. This can become evident in a few, it seems to fully-charge but halfway into the first flight the battery voltage plummets and the Skycontroller 2 shuts down leaving the operator in a state of emergency. A real impact to operator confidence and trust in this control system.

What are the options?
- Option 1, primarily the first option is to rely on the product warranty for a replacement battery. Parrot offers a 6-month warranty on battery packs. However, this option does leave users with the same situation that can end in the same result.
- Option 2, remove the battery and treat it with an aftermarket charger that can provide better charges and more information than the automated system inside the Skycontroller 2. These types of "smart" chargers are inexpensive, they can provide helpful information about what is actually happening with batteries and their internal individual cells, apply different charge levels (full or storage), they can keep a battery pack healthy for a much longer lifespan, they can ensure packs are fully-charged, and they can also charge almost any type of battery..not just LiPo cells.
- Option 3, remove the battery and modify it for Balance Charging. This is the most involved option but also the most rewarding option. Similar to Option 2, the end result is a more stable and reliable battery with a much longer lifespan. But there is an added benefit of fully-charging a battery's individual cells to the same level so that each can also discharge to a similar level...called Balance Charging. The benefit here is that a pack can output the total required voltage for a longer period of time while supporting their devices.

How to fix?  There are a couple of ways to fix a failing system or to prevent it from failing. Each require a new charging system, adapter cables, and possibly a modification to the battery itself. Before I get into the options I need to explain the Skycontroller 2 battery's specific design. The version 1 Skycontroller 2's battery is a rectangle layered 2-cell 2S 7.4 volt 2700mAh LiPo pack. It has a proprietary protection circuit board that attempts to prevent over-charge and over-discharge of the cells inside. The pack is not wired like typical 2S LiPo packs found in the R/C industry. The connector is a 3-wire Molex-Mini with Red & Black wires in typical locations. But, the center Blue wire is actually a Thermistor lead specific to the protection circuit and the Skycontroller 2. This layout prevents typical voltage checks like users would expect with normal 2S LiPo packs. So, only the Red & Black wires produce the total pack voltage when measured by users. As is, the individual cell voltages cannot be measured to determine health and voltage balances. Optionally, charging this battery outside of the Skycontroller 2 with an aftermarket charger will force users to make a to leave it as it is and use a 2-wire Straight-Charge adapter cable or to modify it for Balance Charging purposes.

There is a difference in these types of charging and I will explain.
- Straight-Charge is when a multi-cell pack is charged without regard of there being multiple cells inside. Straight-Charging multi-cell LiPo packs will create cells that are not Balanced. The charger essentially treats the pack as one cell..charging it by applying the charge into the pack until the first cell becomes full ahead of the other cells until the charger sees that the pack voltage has reached the preset cut-off charge limit. Essentially, leaving the cells at different voltage levels. This situation can produce a shorter output performance during use. The pack voltage drops during use and one cell reaches its discharge level before the others. The system reacts when the total output voltage level is low triggering alerts or early shutdown. This can actually hurt some cells. During a charge the cell reaching the fullest charge first can become fatigued and wear-out over time. Also, the lowest level battery can become over-discharged and develop inclusions over time that create internal resistance worsening performance and shorting cell/pack longevity and lifespan. In a lot of cases this option is still better than the stock Skycontroller 2 charging setup since packs will become more fully-charged and have longer operational performances. Its one step up from the stock setup. It requires a 2-wire Adapter Cable to match the aftermarket charger used outside of the Skycontroller 2.
- Balance Charge with an aftermarket charger to apply charges to all cells equally during the charging process. This option is by far the best for health and longevity of any LiPo multi-cell pack. The reasoning is that the cells are all fully-charged to the same level allowing them to output similarly down to the discharge trigger level the system expects during use. So, a longer performance is produced and cells are all kept at safe levels at full and discharged without any one cell being over or under. This option will also require a 2-wire Red & Black lead to adapt the stock Molex-Mini connector to the chosen charger's main charge connectors (typically, 4mm Banana Plugs)..this option also requires modifying the battery as detailed below.

What Options to Take?
- Fabricate or purchase an adapter cable to match the chosen aftermarket charger for straight-charging (Mod Part B, below).
- Modify or have me modify the battery for balance charging (Mod Part A, below). This also requires a 2-wire Molex-Mini adapter (Mod Part B, below).

Modify! This option requires some parts, a tiny bit of soldering skills, and a little knowledge and care. I will explain how to make the modification and what parts are needed. I am also offering to make the cables and modifications for a reasonable fee for anyone that would prefer this service. It will void any warranty. I am not responsible for any mistakes anyone will make, though I test my work and verify it to be correct before release into the wild. I have tested this modification and it works. If done correctly it will work for anyone willing to take the leap.

Request the Battery Modification Service Here.
Purchase the Skycontroller 2 Molex Charge Adapter Cable Here.

Skycontroller 2 Battery Modification for Balance Charging (Part A):
Parts Required:
- 1x. 6-inch 2S JST-XH 3-Wire Balance Lead (22-AWG)
- Solder equipment
- Clear Tape
- carefully unwrap the battery pack.
- locate the solder points.
- prepare 2S balance lead. stagger the ends to solder point positions. strip the ends. tin the ends.
- tinning..first apply flux to bare wire ends and then solder the ends.
- locate center wire and solder the end to a piece of clipped wire forming the T for the bridge.
- solder bridge across the solder pads at solder point 2.
- solder + red wire to solder point 1.
- solder - black wire to solder point 3.
- route new wires with existing wires and carefully rewrap the battery pack.

Tap on the images to enlarge.

Fabricate a 2-Wire Molex-Mini/Charger Mains Adapter Cable (Part B):
Parts Required:
- one Molex-Mini connector and 2 3-inch pieces of 18-AWG wires.
- small heatshrink, if desired.
- one pair of Red & Black 4mm Banana Plugs.
- strip and tin wire ends. tinning..first apply flux to bare wire ends and then solder to the ends.
- remove center contact "X" from connector.
- tin connector contacts.
- solder wire ends to Molex connector onto correct contacts 1 & 3.
- add heatshrink to Molex connector if desired.
- add Banana Plug rubber backers to wire, not onto contacts.
- tin banana plug contacts.
- solder wire ends to the banana plug contacts.
- push rubber backers onto banana plugs over soldered area.

Additional Picture Notes:

Balance Charging Information:

The Skycontroller 2 flat-pack 2S LiPo 7.4V/2700mAh battery requires specific charge settings and charge rates. To maximize the battery performance set the charger to '2S 7.4V LiPo Balance' at '2.7 amps'..which is max. If the charger cannot be set to exactly 2.7A just select the next lower number available. 2 amps is OK just takes a little longer to complete. '8.4V cutoff'. For storage-charging when the pack is not to be used for a week or more, set the charger to '2S LiPo Storage'..most chargers have a default charge rate and cutoff voltage for this process. The storage voltage range is 3.75V - 3.85V per cell. Additionally, it is not healthy for a LiPo battery to be discharged below 3.2V per cell, to remain fully-charged for extended periods, and is to never be drained below 2.8V or below for the battery will become damaged and unsafe for continued use.

I hope you had fun developing this skill..if you want to show me your appreciation by buying me a cup of coffee or a's the link below and type in some amount. Its safe and easy as pie!

Thank You and Have Fun!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

"What is the best Balance Charger?"

I'm asked this question almost daily.

Not many people will want to read all of this information. If you wish to remain clueless..skip down to the "Recommended Balance Chargers" section below.

The best balance charger is one that will have more features, adjustability, and reliability than the "dumb" stock chargers. Smart aftermarket balance chargers can provide far better maintenance for expensive batteries and are not expensive.

When choosing an aftermarket balance charger look for...

Features like a display that can provide details about the battery..such as..individual cell voltages, warning and error descriptions, settings options, and possibly a battery internal resistance meter. A very useful and important feature a balance charger should have to help keep Lithium batteries stay healthy is called 'Storage Charge' which allows the battery to be charged to a healthy level before periods it is expected to sit without being used.

A good balance charger should also have adjustable settings. It is important to adjust the charger for different types of batteries, their capacities (MAH rating), charge rates (Amps), and balance charge voltage cut-off limits. Charge rate adjustments being very important since rates too high can harm performance and cell longevity.

The reliability of any charger is something that should be expected to perform when needed. Stock chargers have a few tricks but cannot be fully trusted to treat batteries properly..and without a reliable method of feedback from the stock charger it is almost impossible to know if it is working properly. Furthermore, if the stock charger doesn't operate it can't tell you why. Generally , most chargers are manufactured in China. Some are manufactured better and with quality checks than cheaper chargers. This can become a problem when trusting a charger to treat batteries properly and more so when charging potentially volatile batteries in your home.

There are many great chargers to choose from when upgrading to a better than stock charging setup. The Parrot stock chargers are Balance Chargers..just not stellar performers. A step up are Bebop specified mulitchargers which can charge 3 packs at once. Unfortunately, the ready-made mulitchargers available for Bebops are basically 3 dumb stock chargers in one..with the same lack of information, adjustability, and they use high charge rates that decay cell performance over time.

I will post links with tips on charging Bebop 1, Bebop 2, Bebop 2 Power, and Disco batteries in the comments below.

While there are many chargers to choose from it is important to choose a legitimate brand and not one that is a clone. Good brands are copied and usually the clones are not manufactured to quality standards. Finding a genuine model can be difficult if details are not provided by sellers.

Recommended Balance Chargers:

Genuine SkyRC Imax B6ACv2 - Caution..there are cheap Clones. Be diligent in choosing these chargers from sellers..matching box/unit design with the SkyRC website. Look for "Genuine"  being present in descriptions and a holographic sticker stuck on the bottom of the charger. Newer models should also note "LiHV" battery type compatibility on the box and printed on the face of the charger. This is a popular charger, it contains it's own power supply and has all of the needed functionality and many additional useful features. It is a "4-button" with a typical menu. The menu can be confusing at first or at times when you forget what selections you learn how to use it and make and cheat-sheet of the needed selections for the batteries you intend to charge.

iSDT Brand Chargers - This brand is very good, very easy to use with a very intuitive menu, and they are not yet cloned. These chargers are far better than typical 4-button chargers and have greater versatility. They do require purchasing a separate power supply to support it..and adapting the power supply's connector to an XT-60 type plug to match the charger. However, they can also accept power from several different types of sources such as a wall-plug AC/DC power adapter, a 12 volt automotive type battery, or a larger LiPo battery. Selecting a power supply depends on how much amps are needed to support the charger to charge batteries. I recommend a laptop type wall-plug AC/DC power adapter with an output of 12 volts and at least 5 Amps (5000 mA).

I will add links to these chargers in the future. Until then, if you need help just ask here.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Waiting Room Helper

This is an old headphone plug nipped-off for a purpose.

For about 15 years I've carried one of these to silence annoying TVs in different places. I "donate" about 3 a month. I know it might drive the establishment's proprietor insane trying to figure out what happened to the volume..but blaring "The View' in waiting rooms should be illegal.

About 15 years ago my oldest son broke off one in the TV and killed the volume. It took me a few hours or maybe days to figure out this was the problem. Once removed the volume returned.

If you do use this somewhere..use a long one that can be removed so you cannot be sued by the proprietor.

Take this tip and live longer...

I am also offering to sell them for $1 plus shipping if anyone is interested.

Monday, April 16, 2018

For Sale - Parrot Bebop, Disco, & Skycontroller Power & Charge Cables

The.High.Pro.Glow - Custom Cables

For All Versions of Parrot Drones, Controllers, & Batteries


**** WAIT NOTICE ****
I'm moving and need time to setup at my new location. Any orders on October 1 and beyond may be delayed. Contact me for details or stock availability.

What?  -I am offering a wide array of cable/adapter solutions built to NASA fabrication standards using the genuine OEM connectors to help keep all models/versions of Parrot Bebops, the Disco, Skycontrollers powered and working better for longer. I make these cables/adapters for my own use and now for anyone else that can see the benefits. I will explain each cable and their intended use and the benefits they offer.

Why?  -There are many reasons that cables/adapters are needed when departing from the proprietary stock charging and powering setups of the Parrot Bebops, Discos, and Skycontrollers. Specifically, the proprietary stock powering and charging systems are rather weak. Most of the setups are not providing adequate maintenance to keep battery packs healthy for long-term use and they do not convey adequate information about what is happening within battery packs. Simply charge and hope everything is good to go. Costing users time and money and confidence when an aircraft drops for no apparent reason. This outcome can be avoided with a little knowledge and practicing a little care. 

Purpose?  -Better Balance Charging, reliable power as expected, extending longevity, adaptation between stock proprietary connections and common aftermarket options. These cables adapt Bebop 2 (LiPo), Bebop 2 Power (LiHV), Bebop-Pro (LiHV), the Parrot Disco (LiPo), and Skycontroller (LiPo) battery packs to typical aftermarket Balance you can ditch the stock chargers..and adapt common R/C power systems and batteries to the stock connections.


Quality Statement! -Built to NASA High-Reliability Hand-Soldering fabrication, process, and verification standards. All OEM connectors, high-grade silicone wiring, and high-quality gold plated connectors with appropriate wire sizes matched to specific applications in alignment with industry standards. 

Aftermarket Balance Chargers have specific connections with a few options of different connector types. I can match connectors to chargers upon request. The Red&Black 4mm Banana connectors are for typical 4-button balance chargers, some use Red Dean's T-Plug type connectors, or Yellow XT-60 for iSDT chargers and the Parrot Disco charging setups. Other connectors available. If you are not sure what you need, just Email Me.

The cable prices include USPS shipping within the USA. International shipping can be worked-out, just ask. I accept PayPal payments via the links below. It's safe, fast, and easy! Please, add your address in the payment note. Email Me for other payment options.

-- Use the links below to purchase cables --
**Prices includes shipping.
(**Please, Contact Me Before Placing International Orders)
-- Please, use the PayPal links provided. It is safe, easy, and free!
-- Please, add a note in PayPal listing the ordered item(s) and your shipping address.
-- Please, combine multi-cable orders into one by changing the total amount in PayPal before completing the payment process.
-- Please, DO NOT inhale fumes from smoking cables.

Parrot Bebop 1 Charge Adapter Cable. Charge stock Bebop 1 battery packs with an aftermarket balance charger: $13 USD

Parrot Bebop 2, Bebop 2 Power, Bebop-Pro Balance Charge Cable. Charge any Bebop 2 type battery with an aftermarket balance charger: $33 USD

Parrot Disco Balance Charge Cable. Charger the Disco battery pack with an aftermarket balance charger: $22 USD

Parrot Skycontroller 1 (Red, Yellow, Blue) Power Adapter Cable. Adapts any 3S LiPo battery pack to power the SC1 (R/Y/B versions). Can also be used to provide bench-power to the Bebop 1: $13 USD

Parrot Skycontroller 1 Black Edition Power Adapter Cable. Adapts a common 3S LiPo battery pack to power the SC1 Black Edition. Also can be used to provide bench-power to the Bebop 2: $25 USD

Parrot Skycontroller 2 - Battery Power Adapter Cable. Adapts a common 2S LiPo battery pack to power the SC2 v1: $16 USD

Parrot Skycontroller 2 - 2S Battery Charge Cable. Charge the stock Ver.1 Flat 2S LiPo Modified or Unmodified Battery. (Add $5 to include a JST-XH Balance Lead): $18 USD

Parrot Skycontroller 2P (SC2P) - Battery Power Adapter (18650). Replaces stock battery. Adapt a common 18650 1S Li-Ion battery to power the SC2P. Highest Quality. Some modification of SC2P battery bay required: $18 USD

Parrot Skycontroller 2P (SC2P) - Battery Power Adapter Cable. Adapt a common 1S LiPo, a 18650 Li-Ion, or a 2S LiPo battery to power the SC2P: $16 USD

Parrot Skycontroller 2P (SC2P) - 1S Battery Charge Cable (Ver. 2P Cylindrical Li-Ion Battery). Adapter to charge the stock cylindrical battery with an aftermarker charger: $18 USD

JST-XH 2S Battery Balance Lead (needed for Skycontroller 2 Ver.1 flat LiPo Balance Charge Modification): $8 USD

Tap on the images to enlarge.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Drone Search & Recovery Solution!

Bird Deterrents 
Search & Recovery

Drone Reflector Kits
--  Order Below  --

** Ver.2 Reflectors Now Available! **
** Major Update Soon! **

Losing a drone isn't a fun thing. They experience failures and control can fly-away with the drone. There are several types of devices that help recover a lost drone. If a location aid wasn't can be very difficult to locate even during the daylight hours. While GPS/Cellular and RF trackers are invaluable they do have limitations and can be expensive. Combining multiple layers of recovery aids drastically increases any possible recovery especially if a primary means goes down. Adding another layer is easy and inexpensive.

A simple and proven location system for nighttime search & recovery are Drone Reflector Kits. Always Ready! Like Magic..Drone Reflector Kits reflect LED light sources very brightly easily spotted by searchers in the sky or on the ground. Months of research and testing materials resulted in the best reflectors with the most reflective ability. The.High.Pro.Glow Drone Reflectors are extremely reflective from any angle and can be seen from very far distances. Even a low output LED flashlight can cause very bright reflections from the reflectors at night. These reflectors never need batteries nor will they fail if the drone loses power.

WiFi interface was also a consideration while testing. Some available reflective materials caused signal interference between the drone and operator and shortened flight distances considerably. The Drone Reflector Kits offered here do not impact WiFi signal communication.

GPS signals and Magnetometer readings can be influenced by metal and high-powered electrical devices near drone and controller receivers. Electromagnetic frequencies, high-tension power transfer lines, and high-power transmitters of telecommunications facilities. Such influences can distort signal waves and impose errors in orientation data used for control and stability. This problem increases as the proximity to objects decreases. The.High.Pro.Glow reflective materials do not cause these problems. However, it is not recommended to place reflectors directly on or over antenna areas.

The Drone Reflector Kits are easy to apply to any drone surface and can be cut to fit wherever. It is recommended that all sides of the drone have mounted reflectors to improve chances of spotting a drone from all crash angles.

Apply a Reflector Kit to your drone while you still have a chance!

** Version1 Reflectors are visible from 100's of feet. Version2 Reflectors are visible from 1000's of feet (V.2 pics coming soon). Version2 Reflectors are truly amazing! Both versions were developed by NASA and use in their aerospace programs to mark hardware for long-range visibility. These materials are the highest quality most durable reflective material available. If it is good enough for NASA its fantastic for our drones!

Sizes and Shapes - More shapes will be available soon. Chevron shapes up to 2 inches will be added this week. Customs sizes and shapes can be requested.

**Prices includes shipping via stamped envelope.
(**International Orders Add $2)
-- Please, use the PayPal links provided. It is safe, easy, and free!
-- Please, add a note in PayPal listing the ordered item(s) and your shipping address.
-- Please, combine multi-kit orders into one by changing the total amount in PayPal before completing the payment process.
-- Please, DO NOT inhale fumes from smoking reflectors.

Reflector Kit Basics:
[ For All Drones ]

KIT/1 - Dash Reflector Kit - (8 pcs. 1"x1/4"). Recommended just under the motor and everywhere else. Perfect kit for all Drones!

KIT/2 - Dot Reflector Kit - (12 pcs. 1/4"). Like Cat's Eyes! Suitable for any location. Dots increase the chances of spotting.
KIT/3 - Strip Reflector Kit - (4 pcs. 2"x1/4"). Recommended for arms, body sides, and under the belly.

KIT/4 - Cube Reflector Kit - (4 pcs. 1"x1"). Recommended for body, nose cowling, arm wraps, and battery.
V.2 - PayPal $6 or More Now!

KIT/5 - Dot XL Reflector Kit - (4 pcs. 2cm/.79"). Recommended for body, nose cowling, arm wraps, and battery.

Reflector Kit Combos:
[ For All Drones ]

KIT/A - Dots & Dashes (12-Dots & 8-Dashes)
V.2 - PayPal $7.50 or More Now!

KIT/B - Strips & Dashes (4-Strips & 8-Dashes)
V.2 - PayPal $8.50 or More Now!

KIT/C - Cubes & Dashes (2-Cubes 1" & 8-Dashes)
V.2 - PayPal $8.50 or More Now!

KIT/D - Omnipresence (4-Dashes, 12-Dots, 4-Strips, 2-Cubes 1")
V.2 - PayPal $11.50 or More Now!

Reflector Kit Custom: Section Under Constuction
[ For Specific Drones ]

KIT/E - Numbers Custom XL (Every 2" x 2")
V.2 - PayPal $2.50 or More Now!

KIT/F - Letter Custom XL (Every 2" x 2")
V.2 - PayPal $8.50 or More Now!

KIT/G - Word Custom (Custom Contact for Cost)
Many Fonts Available.
V.2 - PayPal $8.50 or More Now!

KIT/D - Omnipresence (4-Dashes, 12-Dots, 4-Strips, 2-Cubes 1")
V.2 - PayPal $11.50 or More Now!

Reflector Kit Specials: Section Under Construction
[ For All Drones ]

KIT/A - Dots & Dashes (12-Dots & 8-Dashes)
V.2 - PayPal $7.50 or More Now!

KIT/B - Strips & Dashes (4-Strips & 8-Dashes)
V.2 - PayPal $8.50 or More Now!

KIT/C - Cubes & Dashes (2-Cubes 1" & 8-Dashes)
V.2 - PayPal $8.50 or More Now!

KIT/D - Omnipresence (4-Dashes, 12-Dots, 4-Strips, 2-Cubes 1")
V.2 - PayPal $11.50 or More Now!

Reflector Kit Positions...(more pics soon)

Tap on the images to enlarge.

Click the Videos Below:
Drone Reflector Test. Aerial Nighttime 103 feet Altitude. Using one low-power LED torch. View this video in HD 1080p setting.  

Drone Reflector Test. Ground Search 115 feet Distance.

Endorsement Video: