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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Drone Reflectors - Search & Recovery Solution! The.High.Pro.Glow

Search & Recovery 

Drone Reflector Kits
--  Order Below  --

** This is the Original Page! The Newer Version Reflectors can be found at the link below. **

Losing a drone isn't a fun thing. They experience failures and control can fly-away with the drone. There are several types of devices that help recover a lost drone. If a location aid wasn't can be very difficult to locate even during the daylight hours. While GPS/Cellular and RF trackers are invaluable they do have limitations and can be expensive. Combining multiple layers of recovery aids drastically increases any possible recovery especially if a primary means goes down. Adding another layer is easy and inexpensive.

A simple and proven location system for nighttime search & recovery are Drone Reflector Kits. Always Ready! Like Magic..Drone Reflector Kits reflect LED light sources very brightly easily spotted by searchers in the sky or on the ground. Months of research and testing materials resulted in the best reflectors with the most reflective ability. The.High.Pro.Glow Drone Reflectors are extremely reflective from any angle and can be seen from very far distances. Even a low output LED flashlight can cause very bright reflections from the reflectors at night. These reflectors never need batteries nor will they fail if the drone loses power.

WiFi interface was also a consideration while testing. Some available reflective materials caused signal interference between the drone and operator and shortened flight distances considerably. The Drone Reflector Kits offered here do not impact WiFi signal communication.

GPS signals and Magnetometer readings can be influenced by metal and high-powered electrical devices near drone and controller receivers. Electromagnetic frequencies, high-tension power transfer lines, and high-power transmitters of telecommunications facilities. Such influences can distort signal waves and impose errors in orientation data used for control and stability. This problem increases as the proximity to objects decreases. The.High.Pro.Glow reflective materials do not cause these problems. However, it is not recommended to place reflectors directly on or over antenna areas.

The Drone Reflector Kits are easy to apply to any drone surface and can be cut to fit wherever. It is recommended that all sides of the drone have mounted reflectors to improve chances of spotting a drone from all crash angles.

Apply a Reflector Kit to your drone while you still have a chance!

The Newest Version2 Drone Reflectors can be found **HERE**

** Version1 (No longer available) Reflectors are visible from 100's of feet. Version2 Reflectors are visible from 1000's of feet (V.2 pics coming soon). Version2 Reflectors are truly amazing! Both versions were developed by NASA and use in their aerospace programs to mark hardware for long-range visibility. These materials are the highest quality most durable reflective material available. If it is good enough for NASA its fantastic for our drones!

Sizes and Shapes - More shapes will be available soon. Chevron shapes up to 2 inches will be added this week. Customs sizes and shapes can be requested.

**Prices includes shipping via stamped envelope.
(**International Orders Add $5)
-- Please, use the PayPal links provided. It is safe, easy, and free!
-- Please, add a note in PayPal listing the ordered item(s) and your shipping address.
-- Please, combine multi-kit orders into one by changing the total amount in PayPal before completing the payment process.
-- Please, DO NOT inhale fumes from smoking reflectors.

Reflector Kit Basics:
[ For All Drones ]

KIT/1 - Dash Reflector Kit - (8 pcs. 1"x1/4"). Recommended just under the motor and everywhere else. Perfect kit for all Bebops!
~ $4 USD each**

KIT/2 - Dot Reflector Kit - (12 pcs. 1/4"). Like Cat's Eyes! Suitable for any location. Dots increase the chances of spotting.
~ $3 USD each**

KIT/3 - Strip Reflector Kit - (4 pcs. 2"x1/4"). Recommended for arms, body sides, and under the belly.
~ $4 USD each**

KIT/4 - Cube Reflector Kit - (4 pcs. 1"x1"). Recommended for body, nose cowling, arm wraps, and battery.
~ $5 USD each**

Reflector Kit Combos:
[ For All Bebops ]

KIT/A - Dots & Dashes (12-Dots & 8-Dashes)
~ $6.50 USD each**

KIT/B - Strips & Dashes (4-Strips & 8-Dashes)
~ $7.50 USD each**

KIT/C - Cubes & Dashes (2-Cubes.1" & 8-Dashes)
~ $7.50 USD each**

KIT/D - Omnipresence (4-Dashes, 12-Dots, 4-Strips, 2-Cubes.1")
~ $10 USD each**

Reflector Kit Positions...(more pics soon)

Brighter in-person than in the video below of 4 V.1 Dash Reflectors from 150 feet at night.


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