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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boobie Opus

I made this video to go along with a bit of music I also created. It is long...35 minutes. There are some interesting notes in the back story. This special music was created with an old electronic toy. Battery powered toys can be repurposed to become twisted instruments of noise. Some can be more enjoyable than others. Circuit Bending is an art which implements creative audio short-circuiting of low-voltage electronics by adding extra wiring, switches, potentiometers, etc. into the original circuitry. In this track I used a 1980 Texas Instruments Speak & Spell (SnS) that I circuit bent into a glitching noise-music machine. The Speak & Spell is the most popular toy to bend due to its internal library of words and how it forms them. It was the first speech synthesizer of phoneme data not utilizing recorded sound tracks. The main audio output of a circuit bent SnS is random glitching noise of the speech library and its game sounds. No glitches are reproducible and seldom does it spit out legible words and even less likely will it say a word not even in its speech library. This music track features one such rare word..."boobies". No SnS in history has muttered this word and none may ever synth it again. So, please enjoy this triply music video and open the word of noise-music.

Boobie Opus - 2012. Performed by Littlehorn featuring Lord Hightower utilizing a Circuit Bent 1980 Texas Instruments Speak & Spell and a Radica U-Create Music Analog Mixer at Digital Warehaus Productions in Houston, Texas. When good toys go bad they glitch out twisted manifestations of the other side...


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