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Monday, March 03, 2014

To Robot or Not To Robot....That is the Question.

    Robots are rising. They are replacing the human work-force as fast as they can be developed to do so. I like Robots. But, to a large portion of the human work-force it is difficult to adapt to the changes robots are making here at the beginning of their integration. Robots and their rise have disruptions of stellar proportions at least until humans change. The work humans perform is said to have qualities needed to curb aspects of the human condition which are undeniable. "Our labor keeps off from us the three great evils: boredom, vice, and want." - Voltaire. He is frequently misquoted by replacing "want" with "need", possibly allowing people to feel better about their purpose for work or to prevent a deeper discussion of "I work more to make more money to satisfy my insatiable want"...the vicious circle some humans work themselves into. Though, "want" may also, to a greater extent, satisfy human needs. If robots take the workload...will humans continue to struggle against these "evils"? Sadly, I think Voltaire never reached boredom in his work. If robots help humans even with these problems there will be a brighter, warmer cooperation towards improving the human condition? Sure monetary income supplying jobs will be transferred to robots but over time humans will adapt. Humans can improve the human condition, overcome any problem, and be free of vices...even with the help of robotics. It will take time for humans to adapt and find ways societies can satisfy simple needs...and growing want. It isn't a simple flick of a switch quick fix. There is a lot of the vicious circle and some misguided resistance to overcome. I really hope humans can reach the perfect solution and still remain human.


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