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Saturday, February 01, 2014

VEX IQ Robotics - The New Kit in Town

If you have an idea for something that can make life easier and need a way to bring it into reality...look at this kit! The VEX IQ Robotics system can enable you to do that and more. You have the power to choose from several different kit versions and plenty of add-on packs creating the hardware combinations you need to jump into robotics and build contraptions very quickly. Nothing is permanent. If something is not working you can make changes until you have it right. To get this kit moving...the free graphical programming software ModKit or a more advanced text-based programming environment called RobotC for VEX IQ fills the Robot Brain with the needed knowledge. Weather you are just beginning to explore your possibilities or have become a Veteran Maker you will find the VEX IQ Robotics system a very useful medium for innovation.

Those unfamiliar with kit robotics should take a look at the Vex IQ Robot Showcase and their Flickr pages full of creations. When you need some moving pictures check out the videos on YouTube. The nice folks at VEX have even created an extremely useful set of videos detailing many of the system's operational aspects and proceedures which will bring new users quickly up to speed. There is a fantastic Curriculum developed for this system which will help teachers and users explore and learn valuable insight. The Documents & Downloads list also provides some goods to grab your noggin. In the VEX IQ forum you will find other VEX IQ users and the VEX IQ Challenge discussions about the competitions for school teams. The nice folks of VEX Robotics are also there to answer questions and provide helpful solutions and even see what you have created.

So, adding another layer to think about...look at education, competition, and a thing called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to broaden the possibilities. If you didn't already know...there is a push for affordable educational outlets that promote higher-learning, teamwork, and viable career skills development using kit robotics to inspire young people in all communities to pursue degrees and careers in STEM fields. Student users can assemble teams and also have the option of joining something called the VEX IQ Challenge and expand on the STEM principles. This is one of the best ideas providing realistic career skills for the growing minds of today's students that will lead tomorrow.

The usefulness of the VEX IQ system really is understated. There is literally no end to the possibilities one could create with this stuff. Explore outside of the kit box by integrating other hardware and the beat goes on forever.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to experience the VEX IQ Robotics system first-hand. I really have enjoyed creating with it and exploring the new kit in town. My first model...VEXporter. A VEX IQ storage bin transporter. Enjoy!


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