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Thursday, April 03, 2014

MLCad 3.40 and the Parts Tree "Favorites" Group Listing

    Creating building instructions with MLCad is very rewarding and the creations can be shared with other users or simply recorded virtually before dismantling in reality. Finding the parts needed while building within MLCad can consume a lot of time. Grouping parts into the Favorites group listing will help users to build quickly and save time wasted on long searches for commonly used parts. If you are new to MLCad you can use these methods to save your time for other tasks. One important change introduced with MLCad 3.40 is how the favorites list is created and stored. MLCad 3.40 will read/write/store favorite parts in the computer's registry and not from the usual MLC_Favorites.txt file as in past MLCad versions. To get your favorite parts into the Favorites group listing of the Parts Tree within MLCad 3.40 you can use one or more of the following methods...

If you have never created a list of favorite parts or wish to compile a new favorites list: (Reference Picture Below)
- Run MLCad 3.40 and expand the Parts Tree to find a part name you wish to add to the Favorites group list.
- Right-click on the part name within the Parts Tree Window Pane and click "Add To Favorites", or..Click/hold/drag parts from the Part Preview Window Pane to the Favorites group listing within the Parts Tree Window Pane and release, or..Drag the part name from within the Parts Tree Window Pane to the Favorites group listing within the Parts Tree Window Pane and release. 
- Each part you add will appear at the top of the list (usually). So, think about how you wish your favorite parts to be ordered.
- If you make a mistake, right-click on the part in the favorites list and click "Remove From Favorites", or..right-click and click "Clear Favorites" and start over.

Before upgrading to MLCad 3.40 and running for the first time:
- Before upgrading to MLCad 3.40 make a backup copy of your MLC_Favorites.txt file found in the MLCad installation folder and put it in different folder you will remember.
- Install MLCad 3.40 but do not run it yet.
- Copy your old MLC_Favorites.txt file back to the MLCad folder.
- Running MLCad 3.40 for the first time will apply the favorites list text file to the registry and will make your favorite parts available in the Favorites group listing within the Parts Tree.

If you missed the opportunity to add the favorites file before running MLCad 3.40 for the first time: (this method may also be used to quickly add any Favorites text file)
- Copy the MLC_Favorites.txt file into the MLCad install folder.
- Edit your registry with regedit.exe. There are several ways to run regedit.
- Go to HKEY_USERS/Software/Lachmann/MLCad (you may also search the registry for "Lachmann").
- Delete the complete "MLCad" registry key and exit regedit.
- Then launch MLCad 3.40, the favorites list file will be imported into the registry and made available within the Parts Tree.

Creating a MLC_Favorites.txt file:
- Open a new text file with NotePad or another text editor able to save .txt files.
- Save it as "MLC_Favorites" to a safe folder for retrieval later.
- On the First line type "[FAVORITES]".
- On line 2 and lines afterwards type only the favorite part numbers minding the order listed as they will also appear in the Part Preview Window Pane in this same order.
- Example: (Reference Inset Picture Below)

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