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Sunday, April 13, 2014

VEX IQ - LDraw/MLCad Color Tips

    The VEX IQ kit elements are represented by only a few different colors. Some users have expressed opinions that the colors are somewhat dull or utilitarian and industrial. I rather like the limited number of colors and it makes the process of CAD'ing the system quick and easy. Each color used in LDraw editors (such as MLCad) have names and numbers to aid color choices matching specific elements. These colors can be set within the MLCad toolbar for quick-click color choices. Below are some color tips.  If you have installed MLCad, the LDraw Parts Library, and LDView skip to the info below. If you have not installed these programs please use this CAD Quick Install Guide - VEX IQ and join in the fun!

VEX IQ Elements & Matching LDraw Color Numbers:
>>Click or Tap to Enlarge<< 

MLCad Color Toolbar Tip:
    You can easily add a color you often use into the Color Toolbar for quick part color changes while CAD'ing a model in do this. First, click a part in any edit pane. Then, right-click on any color square in the Color Toolbar where you would like to place your new color. When the window pops up look for a desired color box and click on it (hover over colors to see number and color name). Then, click on 'OK'. The new color will replace the original color square on the Color Toolbar. A newly added part will retain the last active part's color until you change the color or if you click off of the last active part in an edit pane before grabbing a new part..then it will be your default main color, usually black.

Update Your Old Color Configuration:
    If you have already installed an LDraw editor but it has been a year or more since..grab the newest part color configuration file and place it in your LDraw folder. The new file will allow your editor to utilize the newest colors available. Find the file and more information HERE.


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