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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Parrot Bebop 2 & Bebop 2 Power Stock Charge Cable Hack

Here is How To Hack the Parrot Bebop 2 and Bwbop 2 Power Stock Charge Cable into a cable that connects Bebop 2 battery packs to common LiPo Balance Chargers. Hacking your own cable is easy. Soldering is just like gluing stuff but using some heat. Read this information and Hack It.

- This cable and an upgrade charger can help your expensive batteries perform better and last years instead of months..or weeks. A better charger offers healthier treatments, vital battery information, and can balance cells to a 'Storage' voltage for when packs are not needed. 
- The stock chargers have been known to be weak performers and unhealthy for batteries over time. 
- 4-button type chargers are the most commonly used and the next practical step beyond the stock chargers.
- These adapters provide access to the individual cells enclosed in the Bebop battery pack with cabling needed for balance charging.
- This is the quickest, least-expensive, and easiest way to create this type of cable.
- The stock cable has the OEM battery connector ready so there is no need to purchase a small bulk of OEM connectors when only one is needed.
- This adapter allows quick battery/cell voltage measurements. Always know a pack's voltages.

How To Hack?
Refer to the pictures below for connector orientation and other details.
  1.  Cut stock cable removing smaller connector end. 7 inches shown in the diagram, leave longer if desired.
  2.  Strip only the Black insulation to 1 inch from the stress relief at the back of the stock connector, leave more if desired.
  3.  Cut only the Blue #3 and White #4 wires 2 inches from the stock connector, leave longer if desired.
  4.  Strip sections of insulation from Red #1 & Black #2 wires and 1/8 inch from all other wire ends.
  5.  Add Heatshrink tubing or another type of insulation. Add more and shrink as needed.
  6.  Solder. It helps to use flux and tin each end with solder to aid solder flow when making joints later. No need to twist wires. .just lay the ends flat against eachother and apply heat.
  7.  Perform final Continuity Test matching the wire numbers from connector to connector.
- Plan to stagger the wire lengths, the striped sections, and solder joints to result in a cleaner cable with less mechanical stress. Note the slight staggering shown in the pictures.
- Plan and add heatshrink tubing before soldering. Cover solder joints individually with heatshrink to prevent electrical shorting. This act takes some creativity.
- The stock wiring is stiff so plan to add some support (heatshrink) especially near the banana plugs. Talcum power dusted inside the heatshrink can aid in flex later but is not required.

Part & Tool List:
- Multimeter or Circuit-Tester for checking continuity to locate matching wire-ends.
- Bebop 2 stock charge cable included with all Bebop 2.
- 3S 4-wire JST-XH pigtail 5+ inches in length. Very inexpensive online or at a hobby shop.
- 2 - 4mm Banana Plugs (Red & Black). May be repurposed from cables included with the charger. Very inexpensive online or at an electronics parts shop.
- Heatshrink tubing. Several sizes and color can be used.
- Solder equipment. If you need solder tips watch some YouTube Videos.

Tap on the images to enlarge.

This cable can be used with many types of 4-button balance chargers commonly equipped with two 4mm main Red & Black Banana sockets and a 3S 4-wire HST-XH Balance port. A Genuine SkyRC Imax B6AC V2 has these ports, its inexpensive, has great features, and is a great upgrade from the stock charger. Some chargers use different connectors replacing the 4mm banana plugs with another common type such as yellow XT-60 connectors. iSDT chargers use XT-60 connectors for input power and output charging. These chargers are fantastic, easy to use, small, powerful, very versatile, but a power source is needed..not a convenient option for a beginner.  

For detailed Bebop 2 Battery Charging Information..Read This!  

For detailed Bebop 2 Power Battery Charging information...Read This! (Coming Soon)

If you need some help, let me know. If needed, I can also edit your stock cable and return it for a small me for arrangements. I also sell complete Balance Cables with OEM connectors for both Bebop 2 and Bebop 2 Power and the Parrot Disco charging setups - HERE.

I hope you had fun developing this skill..if you want to show me your appreciation by buying me a cup of coffee or a's the link below and type in some amount. Its safe and easy as pie!
Thank You!


At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Mike said...

What would the setting be for the charge rate, etc for the Bebop 2 batteries?

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Christopher R. Smith (Littlehorn) said...

Stock Bebop 2 battery packs are 2700mAh 3S 11.1V and can be charged at 2.7A which is lower and healthier than the 3.5A rate the stock charger forces.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Sum Dum Teacher said...

Do you have the information for the Bebop 2 Power batteries? I assume they are somewhat different.

At 5:01 AM, Blogger MANUEL MOΓ‘INO VALIENTE said...

Good morning, very very good the cable πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘, thank you

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Christopher R. Smith (Littlehorn) said...

Bebop 2 Power battery packs are LiHV 3S 11.4V 3350mAh. It uses the same type connectors as the original Bebop 2 batteries. The batteries can be used in either aircraft. Parrot says the Power battery can be charged at a max rate of 5.025A which is a bit high for battery health and longevity. Charging at a 1C rate of 3.35A is better. Use the next lowest charge amp setting if the charger cannot be set exactly to 3.35A. The stock charge cables are the same and can be edited just as these instructions describe.


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