Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ChickInnovations® - Tech for Modern Backyards

ChickInnovations® - Poultry & Farm Tech Products for Modern Backyards & Beyond

I am proud to announce that ChickInnovations® is now online! We are ready to bring new technology and designs to the agricultural market you and your animals can trust! Built by Americans in USA with American Made Materials! ..Everytime!

ChickInnovations® realized that many products serving the market failed to meet their intentions as designed. Those mass-produced foreign-made products result in waste. We used them also..they represented the best of the limited choices available today..and we were very unsatisfied. Many farmers disappointed with such products turn to DIY solutions. We understand the needs expressed online and went to our drawing board years ago to design our own solutions. We feel our product designs are the very best available to the world in support of Hobby-Farmers and the Farm-to-Table movement. We set our bar very high to ensure our products exhibit the highest durability, functionality, and cost-efficient solutions available.


Currently Available on eBay (Search for "ChickInnovations") or Direct Sale. Contact us for more information!

Product List:
-Poultry/Chicken Waterers
-Poultry/Chicken Feeders
-Automatic Solar Doors for Chicken and Animal Enclosures
-Secure Door & Rail Bundles
-Nest Boxes
-Tractor Coop Designs

Thank You!

Christopher R. Smith

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